8 Stages of the Life of a Chicana

I’ll have much more to say about my life and work with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps in San Antonio very soon. For now, I thought I’d post some pictures I took of our neighborhood. The West Side, where I live, is disadvantaged, devoutly Catholic (with lots of intriguing pagan elements and syncretic superstitions thrown in), predominantly Hispanic, and at once misogynistic and practically matriarchal. It’s also incredibly colorful: murals, usually sounding themes of socio-political protest, seem to adorn the walls of every 85-cent taqueria in sight. They represent extraordinary explosions of beauty and soulfulness in the midst of the projects. This one may be my favorite, the most epic, existential and artful; it’s a 2008 eight-panel mural by Gerry and Cardee Garcia on Trinity St. called “8 Stages of the Life of a Chicana.” Voila:

2 thoughts on “8 Stages of the Life of a Chicana

  1. Pagan elements? I think a more appropriate term would be indigenous – that would be more in line with the chican@ movement.

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