Notes on a Scandal (and on a Pope)

I had a nightmare once that woke me from my sleep in a sweat. In the dream, I am some sort of high-ranking member of the curia of the Roman Catholic Church, preaching on a fictitious Gospel text in St. Peter's Basilica. In this text, the disciples ask Jesus a question that has long vexed [...]

Lost Maples

I've been in San Antonio for over three months now, and when people ask me how I like it, I answer truthfully: "I love it!" The people here have been good to my housemates and me. The culture is intoxicating. San Antonio has an amazing downtown, its (built-up, commercial, and tourist-clogged, yet beautiful) Riverwalk winding [...]

Dia de los Muertos

When my housemates and I arrived in San Antonio, Father Marty, a Jesuit priest and the associate pastor of our new home parish of Our Lady of Guadalupe, told us that our neighborhood on the West Side becomes particularly colorful twice per year: around Christmas, and around Halloween. And it's true: makeshift ghosts, witches, and [...]