Yves Klein, Ex Voto
Yves Klein, Ex Voto

“There are two voices, and the first voice says, ‘Write!’ And the second voice says, ‘For whom?’ … And the first voice says, ‘For the dead whom thou didst love.'” (Johann Georg Hamann, as retold by John Berryman via Kierkegaard)

Christmas in a Dark House Full of War (Epiphany 2020)

Your People: A Chaplain Reflects on Overnight Shifts in the Hospital (July 2019)

The Inner Child: Two Poems (June 2019)

Anticipatory Grief, Anticipatory Joy (Easter 2019)

Paradise Is the Human Heart (Epiphany 2018)

Too Beautiful to Die (All Souls’ Day 2017)

Easter Through Incarcerated Eyes (Easter 2016)