Spiritual Direction

What is spiritual direction?

Spiritual direction is not therapy, but a contemplative space in which to reflect on our ongoing connection to what we hold most sacred, whether that is God, a Higher Power, the life force, or ultimate meaning. It has been likened to walking down a corridor with windows to one side: A director invites us to slow our pace whenever we step into a pool of light, to look out the window we almost didn’t notice, and to take in whatever landscape there is to see.

Is spiritual direction right for me?

Spiritual direction presumes the belief that “the soul should always stand ajar” (Emily Dickinson). It is just as relevant for members of a particular religious tradition wishing to deepen their prayer lives as it is for those who find themselves outside of any such tradition. It is for anyone who wants to explore, carefully and non-judgmentally, their own experience of those places where the human spirit and the divine spirit meet.

How does spiritual direction work?

Spiritual direction begins with an initial meeting to determine whether both of us feel encouraged to proceed. If we do, we will generally meet for an hour once per month unless otherwise arranged. I ask for $100 per session but can consider requests to work on a sliding scale. These sessions can occur virtually or in person.